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Students love her classes

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Students love her classes
by Howard Weidknecht - Thursday, 21 July 2016, 8:31 AM

Can students learn English with enthusiasm?


These moms think so.


“We loved, loved, loved the program!”

—Kristi Taylor, Texas


“He went from having a hard time getting anything on paper to writing freely.”

—Darla Grinovich, Texas


“He actually had fun writing.”              

Grace Bryce, Texas


“We both noticed that she recognized vocabulary words and understood them while reading her books.”

—Ursula Aviles, Texas

“I love the consistency of the weekly work.  I always know what to expect.  If I had any questions about what they were to be working on, I could just look at the workbook.  They could even work ahead when they wanted to!”

—Denise McNeill, Texas