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Course Description
by Howard Weidknecht - Saturday, 23 July 2016, 12:58 PM

Mrs. Pahlow’s


English 1 Online




· Students are between 10 and 12 years.

· They desire to work at a sixth-grade level.

· They need practice with basic grammar and identifying parts of speech.

· They have little experience writing compositions with multiple paragraphs.


Platform:  Streaming videos


Software needed & system requirements

· A computer or tablet

· An internet connection of 1 Mbps/3G or better 

   (broadband is recommended)

· Vimeo Player, available free from


To work the program to its full potential, you’ll need

· Pahlow’s English 1 Student Workbook, ordered through this website

· Easy Grammar Grade 6 student workbook and teacher’s edition  


English 1 features

· An efficient, easy-to-learn approach to mastering basic grammar

· Creative compositions that separate students’ ideas into paragraphs

· Exciting vocabulary and spelling with fill-in-the-blank sentences 

· Fun weekly games like the Big Word Challenge


Costs Associated with Pahlow's English Online
Pahlow's English 1 Student Workbook 
includes shipping and handling

$ 49.95(Highly Recommended)  
Restocking fee for returned workbooks 
in "like-new, resalable condition

Streaming video options
  • One presentation
  • A block of four presentations
$ 20.00
$ 70.00
Available for 1 week
Available for 2 months
Online grading of compositions per semester.$ 50.00Optional